Anime Toys Wishlist

Pretty Cure
Pretty Commune (Futari wa PreCure!)
Card Commune (Futari wa PreCure!)
Card Commune Case (Futari wa PreCure!)
Miracle Commune (Max Heart)
Queen Chairect (Max Heart)
Fairy Carafe (Splash Star)
Splash Commune (Splash Star)
Spiral Ring Set (Splash Star)
Cure Fleuret (Yes 5 GoGo)
Linkrun (Fresh)- would prefer the red color
Heartcatch Mirage (Heartcatch)
Mysterious Touch Keyboard Healing Chest (Suite)
Cooking Kitchen (Suite)
Assemble! Secret Wonder Library (Smile)
Royal Clock (Smile)
Lovely Commune (Doki Doki)
Love Eyes Palette (Doki Doki)
Love Kiss Rouge (Doki Doki)
PreChen Mirror (Happiness Charge)
Shining Makeup Dresser (Happiness Charge)
Scarlet Violin (Go Princess)

Banpresto My Pokémon Dragon Collection Goodra plush
MY POKEMON COLLECTION Best Wishes Plush Lilligant
Nintendo Pokémon X & Y Mega Diancie Pin

Sailor Moon
Mars Miracle Romance Pointer Pen
Sailor Moon Crystal Jigsaw Puzzle 150 Piece Sailor Mercury
20th Anniversary Cameo Charm (Jupiter, Princess Serenity)
Gashapon Sailor Moon Transforming Compact Set

Tokyo Mew Mew
Ichigo Berry Rod

Madoka Magica

Monster High
Amanita Nightshade (Gloom 'n' Bloom Signature)
Draculaura (Picture Day)
Rochelle Goyle (Getting Ghostly)
Lagoona Blue (Dance Class)
Catrine DeMew (Scaris City of Frights)
Scaris City of Frights Café Cart
Catty Noir (Signature)

Lolita Fashion Wishlist (Jewelry)

I saw a girl's post on the EGL Comm Sales and decided that I might as well make a wishlist for things I might like. I'll be constantly updating this to whatever catches my fancy!

Ground Rules
I live in Virginia, USA (zip code 22551)
I use Paypal for my transactions
I will consider items with some damage (stains, some snags, basically anything I can easily fix)
My tastes change quite a bit so feel free to present something to me! I just might take it!
The only piece of jewelry I will not accept are earrings.

Angelic Pretty

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Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

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Alice and the Pirates

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